Kriteria Pengambilan Keputusan dalam Investasi Sistem Informasi


There has been various steps and actions taken by the top-level management that have to go through a decision making process. This includes matter concerning information Technology System (IT/SI) investment. Features and characteristic of information Technology/System has made the decision-making process concerning IT/IS becoming a significant aspect in the given process at the top-level management.

So far, benchmark criterion that can be used as a guidelines in decision-making has not been developed yet, as a result, no company has the same criterion in the decision-making process of information Technology/System. Based on research in information system and management literatures, this paper presented some criterion which can be use as guidelines in decision-making process concerning IT/IS investment. It is recommended to have a tracking effort of investment program and to adapt it in accordance with the need and objective the company.

Kata kunci: investment, information system, decision making

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